Xan Krohn. The Painting
Xan Krohn is a Norwegian artist, whose name can be considered new to the most of specialists and especially to the broader public.

He firstly appeared on Russian art arena in the end of 1900-s, along with the formation of Norwegian modern art. Education in Paris was a basement for many useful acquaintances — some of them defined his further artistic path. Thus, thanks to friendship with Aleksandra Ekster he became a part of 'Jack of Diamonds' group and was exhibited on their expositions.

After the revolution Krohn returned back to Oslo. His art, plastic culture, simplification of form and colour, influenced by French painting, his reserved aesthetics and taste, observation of female figure and sharpness of male portrait were well-known among Norwegians. Xan Krohn held exhibitions, received orders.

On our exhibition one can find almost 40 artworks, retrospectively representing painter's artistic path.

Natalia Kournikova

Translated by
Polina Vologdina