Stenberg brothers — Vladimir and Georgii — are the key figures in early constructivism and graphic design, they also participated in the group 'The Constructivists' and co-authored their manifest. Their posters are greatly valued world-wide, many foreign museums (for example, MoMA in New York) store them in their collections.

The exhibition in The 'Our Artists' Gallery is the biggest one in Russia. It consists of two stages — the first one was held in summer in 2015, and current exposition finishes the project. The Gallery would like to introduce 50 posters from private collections and 9 from The Stamp Department of National Library of Russia in Saint-Petersburg.

Not only they enriched film poster industry with their constructivist approach, but also modified it by adding extra-large plans and dynamics of the composition. Their ideas and methods depicted mostly in film posters are still a source of inspiration for modern graphic design specialists.

Natalia Kournikova

Translated by
Polina Vologdina