Shuster, The Collection
The 'Our Artists' Gallery would like to address once again to the topic of private collections. As a result, The Gallery has organised an exhibition of Russian figurative modern art from the gathering of Solomon Shuster.

Solomon Shuster belonged to a small group of collectors from Saint-Petersburg. He was a hereditary collector and, with natural respectability, sharp wit and strong interest in art, he managed to win over the artists.

Shuster collected not only objects, but their history, closely connected to the history of the epoch. He searched scrupulously, and then preserved information about many artworks, constantly turned himself to reference and archival materials.

His collection, as an alive creature, built itself naturally, partly because of sales and exchange. However, most significant artworks never left the collection. Solomon Shuster created one of the best Russian collections, and a great part of is now exhibited in the Gallery.

Natalia Kournikova

Translated by
Polina Vologdina