A Private Case. Robert Falk
25.03 - 20.07.2020
The exhibition is dated to the publishing of a monograph album, 'Robert Falk. The Happiness of the Painter', by Anton Uspensky. This edition helps to set our vision in a very special kind of way and, along with the author, to comprehend the unique style of the painter, the one that he defended thoroughly throughout his lifetime.

Falk lived a long and artistically full life. Each period of his oeuvre would become a certain epoch with its own achievements and breakthroughs. Falk's paintings brighten the halls of the biggest museums world-wide and can also be found in private collections.

The Soviet government didn't accept this artist, that's why he was deprived of an official lifetime recognition. Nevertheless, nowadays it's difficult to imagine an exhibition of Russian avant-garde without Falk's paintings.

Our project 'A Private Case. Robert Falk' introduces the paintings from modern private collections from both Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, many of them were reproduced in the monography. On the exposition visitors will be able to get acquainted with 40 paintings of Robert Falk.

Natalia Kournikova
Valentin Shuster

Translated by
Polina Vologdina