The Perspective of Chupyatov
25.10.2013 - 22.12.2013
The 'Our Artists' Gallery has held the first personal exhibition of Leonid Chupyatov (1890-1941). His name is not widely recognised, but, nevertheless, the heritage of this artist, theorist and mentor deserves acute studying and attention from the public. The Gallery has gathered almost 40 artworks from three museums (The Russian Museum, The State Tretyakov Gallery and from The State History Museum in Saint-Petersburg), and also from 20 private collections.

Chupyatov met Petrov-Vodkin in the middle of 1910-s, while Petrov-Vodkin was working on new ideas about coloristic relations, on a new way to find artistic expressiveness. He valued seriousness and thoughtfulness of Chupyatov, his interest to theoretical crisis in art.

At some point Chupyatov went further than his mentor. He identified himself with the public, managed to move in different directions in real life and to view canvas from different angles. The artist 'allows' his public into the canvas, creates dynamics of visual perception.

Leonid Chupyatov is one of the most wanted artists among the collectors, even though our knowledge of him is rather vague. This concrete exhibition is meant to bring everyone towards the wholesome comprehension of his artwork.

Natalia Kournikova

Translated by
Polina Vologdina