Pavel Tchelitchew's Mystery
The exhibition is dated to the publishing of a monograph album 'Pavel Tchelitchew' by a well-known Russian art historian Georguy Kovalenko as a part of a series called 'The Artists of Russian Emigration'. This edition has appeared to become the first profound analysis of the painter's work.

Pavel Tchelitchew is an outstanding artist impressive of the talent scale and unique singularity. We can't help approaching him as one of the Russian emigration first wave, but in fact being Russian by origins and upbringing and cooperating a lot with Russian creative intellectuals he felt and lived as a citizen of the world and called himself 'a tributary of Mrs. Nature', this reflected much his philosophy. In the monograph one can find a detailed research of Tchelitchew's avant-garde scenography. Many of his ideas could be successfully implied in contemporary theatre.

His paintings show no less freedom. He never joined any art group or trend but always tracked new mains and perceived them with implementing in his works. Exhausting one technique, he turned to other formal and coloristic decisions. The merge of space and time, the metamorphoses dominated his mind and moved him from objects and figures "in space" in 1920-ies to energy structures in the 1950-ies.

Kournikova Gallery presents the forth exhibition of Pavel Tchelitchew. We introduce more than 40 artworks: paintings, theatrical sketches and a costume dress for 'Ode' ballet produced by Serguey Diaghilev (Paris,1928).

Natalia Kournikova

Translated by
Polina Vologdina