Geltzer. The Collection.
As a part of a cycle dedicated to private collections, The Gallery would like to introduce our research of a collection of Yekaterina Geltzer. She was a remarkable collector and prima ballerina of The Bolshoy Theatre.

We managed to gather around 40 masterpieces dated by the second half of the XIX and the beginning of XX centuries. As a part of an exposition we'd like to exhibit artworks from The Tretyakov Gallery, Bakhrushin Theatre Museum, Russian National Museum of Music and private collections.

Yekaterina Geltzer was a famous ballerina in Imperial Russia, and after the revolution she decided to stay in the country. She was the one who supported and provided the repertoire of The Bolshoy Theatre in post-revolutionary period.

As a part of preparation The Gallery staff has made a vast research, which allowed to reconstruct a significant part of the collection and also to follow the origin of many artworks.

Natalia Kournikova

Translated by
Polina Vologdina