Alexander Serebryakov
25.10.2019 - 19.01.2020
The exhibition is dedicated to Russian painter and decorator Alexander Serebryakov (1907-1995). This is his very first personal exposition in Russia, which was organised in partnership with Fond Zinaidy Serebryakovoy. The Gallery has gained 50 artworks — both landscapes and interiors — most of them were involved thanks to the Fond.

His artistic path was formed in Paris. There he found European recognition, too, which is quite unexpected as at that time Paris thrived with modern and new art forms, while Serebryakov, following family's traditions, inherited classical methods of his mother.

Success and recognition found him when he turned to the genre of interior, which was almost forgotten in the XX century. Firstly it was means to earn money, but skilful portrayal of interiors turned out to be greatly demanded among the wealthy Europeans.

He painted interiors as if they were portraits, and thus made it to the row of highly appreciated European artists and elongated the traditions of The Silver Ages till nowadays.

Natalia Kournikova
Anastasia Nikolayeva

Translated by
Polina Vologdina